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Jeremy Swift astonishes and mesmerises you with his unique blend of mentalism and close-up magic. He creates an outrageous show of mind-boggling effects that will relax, yet challenge and stimulate participants as well as members of the audience. The solution to your entertainment needs. A customised magic show so
astonishing, you won't want it to end! Using cards, mind-magic, suggestions and everyday objects, Jeremy will guarantee to entertain your family, friends, guests and clientele with a wide selection of magic and illusions that flabbergast, confound, amaze and ultimately leave them with a uniquely memorable experience. Some of Jeremy's effects include "Lottery envelopes", where you are given the chance of winning £50 from him by merely choosing an envelope. His own version of “coin in bottle”, and not forgetting his hilarious "Kiwi" routine involving a signed £20 note which is mysteriously lost and later magically rediscovered fully intact inside a kiwi fruit. This is the routine they'll all be talking about, which can only be described as "pure entertainment"! 4 Things People Are Saying About Jeremy. Friendly and easy to work with. Dedicated to making your event successful. Exceeds your expectations. More fun than Disney World! Contact Jeremy to see how he can make your event a special occasion to remember. Make your next event that extra special

"Not only could we not fault your show, it was terrific value too." Mrs Kent Close-up magic or ‘walk around magic’ has always been popular with people of all ages and walks of life, and is an ideal form of entertainment at any social event, helping to break uneasy silences and allowing your guests to interact. Corporate functions, weddings, birthdays, banquets, fundraisers, and office parties, make perfect environments, whether performing around tables whilst guests dine or in a mix and mingle situation like a reception. Jeremy’s brand of magic is highly flexible, adaptable and a success at any function, capturing the attention of your guest’s, leaving them surprised and baffled but always entertained. It is an excellent icebreaker and helps to generate a fun atmosphere. Most importantly, your guests will remember where they had such a wonderful experience. Arrange for Jeremy to perform at your next event, and let him turn it into an astonishing, exciting, and unforgettable occasion. Make your next event special "Your imaginative use of magic combined with your enthusiasm for the event proved to be a winning formula, thank you." D Bray, Light Logistics. "Thanks again for making our wedding reception that extra special. Our guests just haven't stopped talking about you." Mrs Susan Pickerall.

Disappointed with the Level of Interest Shown at Your Last Exhibition? Did you spend lots of money and `get nowhere´? The next time it will be different! How? Simply by booking Jeremy for your next exhibition and you will literally be the talk of the town! Whether you are at a trade show, exhibition or launching a new product, Jeremy can perform at your stand to attract interest and to entertain potential clients as well as providing an exciting and exceptional form of marketing for your brand, product, or service. A magician at your stand puts you head and shoulders above the competition, making you more memorable and visible to everyone attending the show. 6 Reasons Why You Should Book Jeremy For Your Next Exhibition. To promote or heighten brand awareness an existing product or service. To promote/launch a new product or service. To explain a product or service in a lively interesting way. To entertain invited guests. To attract crowds to the stand. To entertain an audience whilst they wait for a demonstration. Let Jeremy engage attendees and publicise your company by performing magic tricks branded with your logo and/or strap lines, guaranteeing they leave your stand having had fun and with a lasting memorable experience. Your product/service can also be interwoven into an entertaining and enjoyable magic performance, providing a unique way of promoting your message to attendees, ensuring that it will be remembered long after the event is over. Need we say more?

Let Jeremy Read Your Thoughts! Are you the proud owner of one of Jeremy's unique business cards? If so, then let Jeremy attempt to read your thoughts and predict your selections by using his extraordinary powers to tap into your thought waves over the internet, simply by using his business card as an astral projection device! An Easy To Perform FREE Magic Trick. Looking for a magic trick which you can perform to WOW and impress your friends and work colleagues? Look no further... Here's an easy to perform trick for you, with full instructions included. Download your FREE trick here.

Make your next event a memorable one for you and your guests. Are you seeking a one-stop solution for your Corporate entertainment needs? Are you a budding Magician? Do you require personal tuition? Jeremy can provide tailored lessons on a one-to-one basis. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Phone: (+44) 0870 9770 543. Mobile: (+44) 07770 980 262.