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Why Jeremy?

Jeremy Swift astonishes and mesmerises you with his unique blend of mentalism and close-up magic. He creates an outrageous show of mind-boggling effects that will relax, yet challenge and stimulate participants as well as members of the audience.

The solution to your entertainment needs

`A customised magic show so
astonishing, you won't want it to end!´

Using cards, mind-magic, suggestions and everyday objects, Jeremy will guarantee to entertain your family, friends, guests and clientele with a wide selection of magic and illusions that flabbergast, confound, amaze and ultimately leave them with a uniquely memorable experience.

Some of Jeremy's effects include "Lottery envelopes", where you are given the chance of winning £50 from him by merely choosing an envelope.

His own version of “coin in bottle”, and not forgetting his hilarious "Kiwi" routine involving a signed £20 note which is mysteriously lost and later magically rediscovered fully intact inside a kiwi fruit. This is the routine they'll all be talking about, which can only be described as "pure entertainment"!

4 Things People Are Saying About Jeremy

  • Friendly and easy to work with
  • Dedicated to making your event successful
  • Exceeds your expectations
  • More fun than Disney World!

Contact Jeremy to see how he can make your event a special occasion to remember.

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